Mike Shane Biography

Mike Shane is the artist name of Steef Hanemaaijer. Michael is his second name :) He was born in the city of Oldenzaal, the Netherlands. As a young boy he frequently wandered and biked through forests and fields in his neighbourhood. Soon he discovered his love for Nature and wanted to portray its beauty. Since 1976 he has been taking pictures on and off. It was not before 1994 that he decided to take things on more professionally.

Mike Shane and his mission
Mike Shane is searching for the essence and the magical quality of Nature. Capturing that essence and transmitting it to the viewer is his mission. Experiencing awe and respect for the world around us is something that is lost to many of us. He hopes his images will bring back that feeling of wonder, which we all had when we were children.

Healing effect
Making these images has had a profound healing effect on Mike Shane. Wandering through Nature at dawn, encountering a deer having ‘breakfast’ or seeing the dew drops on a dandelion glistening in the early rays of the morning sun; these are magical, healing moments. Moments he wants to share with the world through his photography.

These images can also be used in healing environments, like hospitals, churches, healing centers or other places where people come to find peace and love and to reconnect with their True Self. If you would like more information on this subject, please feel free to contact Mike Shane personally.

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Mike Shane Portrait

“I like to create. Every aspect of life is about creation. Life is creating all the time. It's very ‘natural’, you could say...”

A word from Mike Shane
“I like to create. Every aspect of life is about creation. Life is creating all the time. It's very natural, you could say...

If you're not feeling that well or if you have the idea that your stuck in your job, your relationship or another part of your personal life, try to do something creative.

Start drawing or painting or photography. Anything you wish. You will start to heal. In fact, you will start to develop new skills. In your creative power, but also in your personality. For me, photography did the job, you have to discover your own best way to heal.”