Photography as a healing art

Art can have a healing effect. Not only on the perfomer but also on the viewer. As described in my biography, the very act of making nature photos can have a profound healing effect. Walking around a beautiful meadow or looking at the bubbles and lines in a small frozen pool brings me back to my center. All trivial thoughts that occupy the mind so much vanish and I become one with my surroundings.

Photography as Meditation
By mindfully emptying ourselves of the preconceived pictures we carry in our minds' eye and opening ourselves to the infinite possibilities before us, photography becomes a form of mediation.

In order to take pictures, we must learn to be here and now, alert to the subjects that call out to us in the moment. We also learn to focus and then to connect. In choosing and composing what we shoot, in playing with light and shadow, we capture something of ourselves in the final image. At the same time, we liberate ourselves as well.

Meditation and Art
These images are made with the intention to be suitable for meditational purposes. They have healing qualities and by meditating on them your body, mind and soul will experience this healing energy.

What is meditation ?
Meditation is a state of mind, it means being connected with your inner Self. It is not rigid. You do not have to force yourself to it. It feels like flowing.

The first step
Concentration is the first step of meditation. Being concentrated means being focussed to the here and now, without thinking; just observing. A helpful way to practice this is by concentrating on one object or point.

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