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Free Satellite Photos, Images & Pictures of your House

Satellite photos and images are hotter than hot. A few years ago we were already happy with some low-res photos of the world, but today Hi-res satellite imagery is getting available on a large scale. Some of the best providers of free satellite photography and images are NASA and Google Earth.

Satellite photo of my House

If you're looking for a high-resolution satellite image of your home, Microsoft TerraServer may be where you want to go today. It's not live, but it is free and the photos are clear. The TerraServer interface lets you select a location by geographical coordinates, place name, or by clicking a spot on a world map; then you can zoom in or out. Not all corners of the globe are documented, but your U.S. hometown is probably there.

NASA Hi-res free Earth Images

NASA has released a huge number of high-resolution pictures of planet earth. They are free of charge and copyrights and can be found at, Check out their site. You can find all sorts of satellite and telescope images, from infrared (IR) to foliage. From ordinary earth imagery to sea levels. And a range of other geological features.

Satellite photo of Europe, Greece

They have a spectacular “blue marble” image, which is the most detailed true-color image of the entire Earth to date, with resolution versions up to 21,600 pixels across. Wow, talking about Hi-res!

Satellite photos with Google Earth

If you would like to surf the Earth in 3D and see photos of your house, you should download Google Earth. It is really awesome what you can do with Google Earth. Downloading is free and installing is a piece of cake.

Google Earth is a program developed by Google. It uses satellite imagery, maps and layer upon layer of other information to allow you to see the entire world, the countries, states, cities, streets, coffee shops, local points of interest, geographic information, 3D buildings and of course you can even find pictures of your own house. And all right from your computer desk!