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Definiton of royalty free
The term Royalty Free means that once the content is licensed under a set of guidelines, the licensee is normally free to use it in perpetuity without paying additional royalty charges (source: Wikipedia)

Affordable royalty free stock photographs

There are many cheap royalty free photo sites to be found on the internet. But only a few have quality imagery available for (almost) instant download. One of the ealiest (and the best) is Istockphoto.

Cheap Royalty Free Stock Photography Example at Istockphoto

Istockphoto was the pioneer of microstock photography, the quality is excellent and the collection of cheap stock photos is huge. At the moment of writing this post Istockphoto has over 550,000 files for download. Istockphoto also offers a large selection of vector files (.eps). The prices range from 1 to 20$ depending on the size of the photo.

Cheap royalty free stock photographs

Microstock photography, also known as micropayment photography, evolved out of traditional stock photography. Micro sotck photography companies source their images almost exclusively via the Internet and do so from a broad range of photographers. Furthermore they sell their images anywhere from $.20 - $10 for a royalty-free image.

Examples of Microstock sites are:

Fotolia is a relatively new microstock agency, however they entered the microstock market at high speed. In a few months time they managed to set up an archive of almost 750,000 photos, with prices starting at $1 per photo. Fotolia also offers a collection of free photos.

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