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How to find photography schools

Photography Courses and Schools

There are many excellent photography courses available online, even free, where you can learn the basics of photography and photographic materials. For amateurs these courses provide more than enough substance and quality. But if you're serious about making a profession out of photography, a real photography course or education at a photo school is what you need.

Photography schools around the world

For the United States, 3 of the best photography schools are The International School of Photography in NYC, SAIC in Chicago and the Rhode Island School of Design. A good site to find photography educations in your area is Topcareerschools. Just enter your ZIP code and you will get a list of schools or art institutes where you can start your career as a photographer.

Photography schools and student example

Almost every country outside of the US has one or more authorized photography schools. The best thing here is to use your favorite (local) search engine and type in 'photography school' or 'art institute photography', preferably in your own language. Compare the results and pick what suits you best.

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