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How to find photography schools

Online Photography Courses

If you want to use photography for your everyday (amateur) needs, an online photo course is what you are looking for. Lessons are usually send by email and often there is also an online community available to ask questions and get support.

Your first Online Photo Lessons

An excellent site to start your search for your online photo lessons is, where you can select an online photography class either by category or by skill level.

Photographer on assignment

Online Photography Classes
At Not Your Normal Photography you can learn how to find the right markets for your photos while developing your own style of photography. Their online photography classes provide real experience and help provide a great second income. They also offer a free eBook and free 6-day eCourse.

Oldest School of Photography
The New York Institute of Photography is one of the oldest and largest schools of photography and also offers online classes. The New York Institute has a lot of experienceand have helped thousands of students to succeed as a photographer.

Online Photography Institute
If you are looking for a professional course with a fair price, check out the Photography Institute. You can receive your own diploma in photography. For less than $1000 you will get professional training and learn a field which can provide you with an income for the rest of your life.

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