Photography FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Answers on questions that are asked often by email about my Nature Photography or photography in general. If your question isn't answered after reading this FAQ, just use the contact form.

Last Light

“Sometimes I do get to places just when God's ready to have somebody click the shutter.”

Do you shoot digital or with film?
I only shoot on film, but I am considering to go digital. Film is still the best medium for large reproductions. But for most normal uses digital is already better.

What is royalty free stock photography ?
Stock photography can be free of rights photography, usually for non-commercial use, rights managed, royalty free photography or micro stock photography. There are some excellent sources of cheap stock photography available, growing by the year.

Which digital camera should I buy?
There are so many digital cameras for sale, that it's hard to find the best ones. You can find great camera tests and reviews at DPreview. German test notes can be found at the Digitalkamerea Tester Facebook page.

What photo editing software do you use ?
Personally I use Adobe Photoshop. This is the best software for professionals. But an excellent lighter version is available for amateurs and photography newbies. It is called Adobe Photoshop Elements. Almost every 12-18 months a new (and better) version is released. Download Adobe Photoshop Elements now.

Do you also sell aerial stock photography?
No, I don't. But I can show you some great sources of free satellite photos and images, just to have fun. I can also recommend to download Google Earth for free. It is a great resource for satellite images, allthough they are all copyrighted. You will have a great experience flying in 3D to your house of local store.

Where can I find a photography school or online photography course?
Finding a good photography education is not as hard as you think. TO get you started, here are some tips on finding the best photography schools in and outside of the US and on finding a good online photo course.

What is the best camera?
That's not really important. The best camera doesn't make you the best photographer. Go for a reasonable quality camera. Then join a camera club and study the work of others. Especially the top photographers whose work you admire. Talk about it, share ideas and study study study. Experiment with color, black and white, filters, lenses. See what fits best to you. And create your own style. It will take some years probably. And some will never succeed. So try to have fun in the first place.
cactus Needles: click for bigger version

“When words become unclear, I shall focus with photographs.  When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”

How can I start my own photography business ?
The road to starting your own (digital) photography business has many sidepaths. I took the learn-it-all-myself road. Experimenting from age 12 to 20. Then I joined several photo clubs, where I learned a lot about tech specs and compostion. Submitting my work to photographic contests also brought me a lot of experience and knowledge. Here is a short guide with tips on starting your own photography business.

Are your images free to use?
Yes, for personal use and with restrictions. Read the copyright page for more details. We are planning to have higher resolution images available soon, so check back often.

Which Teleconverter should I use?
A TC can save a lot of space in your photo bag. And reduces the weight and length of the lens needed, so it reduces the risk of movement. The best TC is usually the one from the manufacturer of your lenses. Go with the lowest version (1.4 is best).

Why did you choose nature photography?
It is always at hand, even if you live in a city you can find nature. On a macro level there are literally thousands of subjects nearby. A park, a small garden, even a plant on your desk might be the subject. But in the end the main reason is that I feel whole again when I am wandering in nature and connect with Mother Earth. No kidding. I am a very spiritual person and nature is the best place to get into contact with my spirituality.

Do you watermark your photos?
This has been a small hype some years ago. But I never bothered with it. If people want to 'borrow' my photos, there is always a way to do it. I use a copyright notice below every page, in case one of my photos will be used in a commercial way.

Once creative work is automatically copyrighted the instance it is being created. So don't bother about it and better focus your energy on creating stunning photography with your own style.