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As the internet is growing and more and more photographers are uploading their photos, or are trying to earn some money with them, the price of stock photography has dramatically fallen the last few years. And as the internet has discovered the power of free, or cheap and affordable, the number of free online stock photography sites has risen considerably.

100% free stock photos

There are many free stock photography sites to be found on the internet. But only a few have quality imagery available for (almost) instant download. One of the best is Stock Exchange, that originated as a 100% free photography site and has a paid sister site since a few years. But the original is still free and has tons of photos available in many categories.

Find 100% free photos at Dreamstime

Another great site, which I can highly recommend, is This site started as a paid site, but recently has added a section with totally free photos for download, available after registering.

Looking for more quality?
Cheap and affordable quality stock photography

For a few years, stock photography was still quite expensive, with prices ranging from tens to thousands of dollars. But with the rise of the internet, stock photography, also quality stock photography, has become affordable. There are now many sites where you can buy and download great stock photos for 1 to 5 dollars.

Again, Dreamstime is the first place that I visit when I am looking to buy stock photos. It’s one of the cheapest and the quality is very good. Most of the photos are available for $1 and if you plan on selling your photos, you will get 50% commission. Dreamstime offers almost over 200.000 images for download at the moment of writing.

Public Domain Stock photos

They are hard to find, but here is a site with superb quality public domain photos. Thanks Jon.