Photography copyright & licensing

Unless otherwise stated, all photographs on this site are copyright © Mike Shane and can not be used commercially without our express permission. Our full copyright statement can be found here.

Personal use / Non-profit
You may download the photographs and store them on your own machine for your own personal use - e.g. as a desktop wallpaper. You may also print them for personal use only. And you may use them in non-profit projects, provided you ask for permission first. The images may not be distributed, either on CD or as print or whatever other form, with the intention of selling them, without written permission of Mike Shane. They may also not be ditributed under another name then that of Mike Shane.

You may use them on your web site, providing it is clearly stated next to each image that the photo was made by Mike Shane, in combination with a link to this web site.

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“My portraits are more about me than they are about the people I photograph.”

Photo licensing / commercial usage
Our photos have been reproduced in books, international magazines and newspapers. Most images have been shot on 35mm film with professional equipment.

If you wish to use any of our photos commercially, permission will have to be obtained from Mike Shane directly and a fee paid. To calculate an appropriate cost for photo usage, please forward the URLs for the images, your intended usage (distribution, print run etc), and any image/resolution requirements.

Please note that the image can only be used in line with the original request and can not be reproduced elsewhere without permission.